Whale Watching 2016

28th January 2017
Each year the Humpback whales migrate from the Antarctic up the east coast of Australia to the warmer northern Queensland waters. They travel up from about June to give birth and mate before turning around and heading back south in September/October. We call it their winter migration and the waters off the Tweed Coast become "Humpback Highway" especially in the latter months as the Mum's travel south slowly with tiny calves in tow. Cabarita Headland (Bogangar or Norries Headland) is a perfect spot to watch these beautiful giants of the ocean. It is a stunning spot to watch the waves crashing in often with Dolphins and seabirds aplenty! I spend many winter hours up on the headland and have come to know much of the other wildlife that lives in the vicinity such as the Brahminy Kits, Eastern Osprey's and the tiny little Red-backed Fairy Wrens.